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  • Alyssa Ellison

How To Tell When Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Foods.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Trying to decide when is the best time to start your baby on solids but not quite sure when and where to start? Since birth, the only food known to your baby is milk. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, all of the nutrients that a baby needs comes solely from breastmilk and formula. When we first begin transitioning into solids, this time is used as practice for baby to begin using new skills that they have not yet had to use such as picking up, chewing and swallowing solid foods. Not all babies may be ready to begin solids at 6 months of age though and that is why there are a number of other ways to tell when your little one is ready to begin incorporating solids into his/her diet.

Another step to your baby beginning solids is having the ability to sit up in a seated position, unassisted. This motor skill helps when you think about a baby with food in his/her mouth, being able to sit up will help combat accidental choking if a baby were to have food in his mouth while laying down and unable to sit himself up. Along with sitting up, your baby should know how to use her pincher fingers to pick things up. The pincher fingers are the thumb and index fingers and being able to pick up things is another good indicator that

it may be a good time to begin giving your baby finger foods such as toddler biscuits, pureed fruits, vegetables and maybe even baby cereal. The last sign in knowing that your baby is ready to begin solid foods is when babies have lost their tongue thrust reflux. The tongue thrust reflux is when a baby pushes food back out of their mouths with their tongue when you offer food to them. If you notice your baby pushing foods right back out of their mouths, it is because they are not quite ready to consume solid foods just yet.

As for the types of foods you should begin with, you can begin with fresh blended or mashed fruits and vegetables, baby cereals and well cooked and blended meats. Some foods to stay away from when you first begin are whole milk (for baby's first year of life), whole nuts, sweets or popcorn. I really hope that you and your baby enjoy this new journey into trying solid foods. It's a very exciting time....especially when they get big enough to enjoy the same foods as you.

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