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  • Alyssa Ellison

3 Things You Never Thought You'd Need As A New Mom.

Updated: May 26, 2020

So you're doing your research before baby arrives because you want to be prepared for all the madness to come. You're looking for special nursing pillows, the latest strollers, carseats and trendy clothes that you'll dress your little one up in. But I'm sure there are a few items you wouldn't have even thought to purchase that will make life immediately after birth a little easier. The best part you ask? All of these items will be just for yo

Let's be completely honest here. Who's really talking to us about the real shit that goes down and the big changes that happens to our bodies after birth? No one. Well at least not enough people. That most certainly means that no one has mentioned anything about the huge diapers that you'll be wearing...YES YOU, not the baby, but YOU! You'll be sporting those bad boy's like they are the hottest new mom lingerie out.

This bring's me to my first items you'll want to invest in. We shall call them the new "after birth sexy undies." Whether you have a vaginal birth or a belly birth, you body will go through a process where your uterus will need to expel blood, discharge and uterine tissue, also known as Lochia. Instead of trying to catch everything in a single pad, its a whole lot easier to just put on a whole entire diaper and be done with making sure you aren't leaking and having to check yourself every 10 minutes. Honestly its a really good idea. Whoever came up with this idea is a pure genius! No one is coming out of birth really thinking oh, let me get glammed up so I look good. The last thing you're going to be worried about is what type of underwear you'll be wanting to wear after the birth experience....TRUST ME! Now that takes care of the messy part, let's get into the feel good part....padsicles.

You heard me right, PADSICLES. They are a real thing and are a heaven sent. If you have a vaginal birth, whether you push your baby out with meds or without, chances are that your lady parts will more than likely be a bit swollen and sore. These padsicles when kept in the freezer will help combat the soreness inflamed neither region and you'll actually be looking forward to your trips to the bathroom soon enough. So gather your friends over for a padsicle making party. Entice them with promises of coming over after the baby is born to hold the baby...that gets them every time lol. Anywho, a padsicle consists of one of those extra large and extra long overnight pads that are recommended for super flow, alcohol free aloe vera gel (preferably in a squeeze bottle), alcohol free witch hazel (bonus points if the witch hazel has lavender already included), lavender essential oil if it isn't, a spray bottle and a few gallon sized ziplock bags. You'll want to pour the witch hazel into the spray bottle for a better consistency across the pad and you'll be able to control where the witch hazel lands on the pad for better saturation. Now you can do this in an assembly line with your friends or let everyone create their own master piece padsicles as they please. You'll want to first, open the pad but make sure you keep the little bag it comes in, spray the pad with the witch hazel, put a couple of drops of lavender in the pad and then you want to squeeze the aloe vera gel into the pad and smear it around by folding the pad back into itself so that its spread evenly across the entire pad. After you finish each pad, fold it back up, place it back inside the bag it came in and put the folded up pad into the ziplock bag. Once you have a ziplock full, put it in the freezer and it will be nice and chilled for when you are ready to use them. You can put them in a convenient space in the freezer so that before every time you go to the restroom, you can grab a pad and go.

The last thing I would like to add to this list is a foot stool. Why on earth would you need a foot stool you ask? Because it improves and promotes good position for you and for your baby when you feed your little one. When breastfeeding, you want to be comfortable and relaxed which will allow you to get the best nursing position as well a

s assist in helping with a good latch. With using a foot stool and making your posture more comfortable, you allow yourself to be at your most relaxed state and that also helps with milk letdowns to feed your baby and helps take the strain off of your arms, back, shoulders and neck. Without a stool over time, frequently using these muscles will cause more wear and tear on your body than was necessary. Then we'd have to move onto the next subject which is massages and chiropractic care. And honestly, we just wanna go to those appointments just because it feels good, not because something hurts.

There are so many more items that are beneficial to new parents after the birth of their baby however, these are always the items i suggest when new moms ask what they should include in their home preparation when getting ready for birth.

Happy Birthing!!

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