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- Prenatal Consultation

- (2) Prenatal Visits- comfort measures, create birth plan.

- Phone, Text & Email Support through out Pregnancy.

- 24/7 on call after 38 weeks (up until birth of baby)

- Continuous Support during Labor & Delivery (Hospital, Birth Center or Home Birth)

- Assistance with "Golden Hour" initial skin to skin with baby to initiate Breastfeeding. 

- (2) Postpartum Visits up to 2 hours each to discuss Birth and initial postpartum tasks, postpartum healing tips, infant care and any other questions you may have.

Birth Services

- Prenatal Consultation 

- Phone, Text & Email Support through out Pregnancy.

- (1) Prenatal Video Call to demonstrate Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth.

- 24/7 on call support beginning @ 38 weeks. (up until birth of baby)

- (2) Postpartum Video Calls to discuss birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum healing tips & methods. Referrals.

Birth Services (Virtual)

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- (1) Prenatal Visit- Creating a personal birth plan for your ideal birth experience.

- A compilation of important questions to ask your doctor as well as questions to ask on your hospital or birth center tour.

- A few comfort measures you can practice with your birth partner. 

- (1) Follow up visit after you have had your doctor visit.

Birth Planning Services


*25% Deposit required at time of purchase for all services.

*Virtual Postpartum Doula Rates can vary with added services.

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