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Whether you are healing from a vaginal or cesarian birth, there are so many new and different changes including mental, emotional and physical. It can be frustrating having to adjust to a new normal. especially when you don't know what to expect. Not only do we equip you with knowledge on what to expect, but we are also trained to recognize postpartum mood disorders and have the resources to provide referrals.

Postpartum Support

There are so many different ways that you can feed your baby, including breastfeeding, pumping and formula feeding. We provide you with all of the facts and judgement free support so that you can make an informed decision on what works best for your family when it comes to providing nutrition your little one.

Lactation, pumping & feeding support

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This is such an exciting time but it can also be an overwhelming time for new parents. With education on sleep, baby carrying, swaddling, soothing, cleaning baby and so much more, you will be well equipped and prepared to create your own parenting style when it comes to caring for your new baby with confidence. 

Newborn Care

With all of the excitement of having a new baby in the house, older siblings may not always know how what to do when stepping into their new roles as big brother or sister. We help involve the older kids adjust by showing them new ways they can help out with new day to day tasks and interact with baby.

Sibling Support

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A good night's sleep goes a long way for new babies and their parents. Overnight care allows parents an ease of mind knowing that your baby is being cared for while you rest. 

Sleep Support


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*25% Deposit required at time of purchase for all services.

*Virtual Postpartum Doula Rates can vary with added services.

*Prices for multiples vary

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