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All Four Trimesters

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Welcome to this new and exciting chapter of life.


Although there is no official blueprint for how birth and the postpartum period is supposed to go, by providing a non-judgmental and encouraging environment, it is possible to achieve a beautiful experience.


My goal is to provide you with nurturing support, and empower you with the education & confidence to create the safe and enriching space that you desire.


 "I don't know what my husband and I would have done without Alyssa when our son was born.  She was invaluable.  When Alyssa came to us, I was recovering from a C-Section and our son had just been released from the NICU.  She was knowledgeable and so caring.  She went above and beyond every single day.  Her focus was on making sure that my husband and I had everything that we needed, physically and emotionally, so that we could bond with our son.  She was always proactive, finding and suggesting solutions to any problems that arose with such things as breastfeeding, dietary issues related to allergies, and sleeping.  There wasn't anything that she couldn't handle, and she did it all with grace and care.  Alyssa bonded with all of us and has become a permanent part of our family."  

-Kellye P.

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